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Military FAQ Military FAQ Military FAQ

Military FAQ

This page is designed specifically for our military learners. For more general information, please visit our FAQ page.

Enrollment & Credit Transfer

Will Southwestern College accept my transcripts from the other colleges I have attended?

Southwestern College accepts transfer credit hours from other regionally and nationally accredited educational institutions.

Do I get any college credit for my time in the military?

Yes, Southwestern College will accept in transfer military credits earned through CCAF and JST. Your advisor will be able to answer specific questions.

Cost/Tuition Assistance/Financial Aid

Do I get a military discount?

Yes, We offer generous tuition discounts to all active duty military, members of the Guard and Reserve, their spouses, and DoD civilians. Visit out military page for more information.

How much do books cost?

The cost of books varies and there is no one specific amount per book per class. A good estimate is $100 per book. Sometimes it can be a bit more. Others, it is less.

What is the first step if I want to use Tuition Assistance?

All service members eligible must coordinate with education advisors or ESOs or counselor within their military service PRIOR to enrolling to obtain approval for tuition assistance (TA).

Does Tuition Assistance cover my undergraduate class?

Yes, we keep our rates at the $250 per credit hour cap for those qualifying for the military discount.

Does Tuition Assistance cover books?

No, tuition assistance does not cover the cost of textbooks or fees. Tuition assistance covers tuition only. However, all learners may apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid which can help cover the cost of textbooks and fees.

Tuition Assistance pays for my class when I have finished it and turned in my grades. Do I have to pay for the class up front?

No, Southwestern College works with learners to avoid financial hardship by waiting for reimbursement until the class is complete.

I want to use my VA/GI Bill® benefits (e.g., Chapter 31, Top-Up) to pay for my class. Is there someone on staff who can help me with this?

Yes, we have a staff member who is trained to assist learners using VA/GI Bill® benefits and to certify the courses on behalf of the school. Call: 1-888-684-5335 or e-mail for more information.

Can I apply for Financial Aid as well as using my Tuition Assistance benefits? How does that process work?

Yes, you are able to apply for Federal Financial Aid and use your Tuition Assistance. They are two separate programs. You would continue to follow tuition assistance procedures and the process for receiving Financial Aid.

Deployment/PCS/Online Experience

If I am deployed on short notice am I still charged the full tuition for the session?

If you are deployed on short notice and are unable to finish your session, there are a variety of options to explore. It is important that you talk to your Academic Success Coach to understand the options and how they will impact your unique situation.

How do I access my grades in order to submit them when I have finished my class?

Grades are due the Wednesday following the completion of each course. They will be posted on Self Service at that time. Use your learner ID & password to login, then go to “my grades” to view your final grades. For assistance, contact your Academic Success Coach. The Registrar’s Office will post final grades into the military portals within two weeks of the last day of the course.

I am going TDY/Deploying, can I still take classes?

Yes. Online classes are open to all learners including those going TDY and to learners deploying.

I am TDY/Deployed, how do I get my books?

You can find out more information about ordering books online here

I have been notified that I will PCS soon. Can I still take classes?

Learners located at distant locations can finish their degree by taking online classes. You can work on your coursework online from wherever you are on the map.

If I have to go to the field in the middle of a session, will my instructors work with me?

Southwestern College prides itself on flexibility. Usually, most instructors are more than happy to work through your situation as long as you make them aware of it as soon as possible.

If I get deployed and can’t take classes, can I pick up where I left off in my program?

Yes, you are able to sit out a session or several sessions and pick up where you left off in your program. Please contact your Academic Success Coach so they can help you re-design your degree plan.

What social networking opportunities are available for me to connect with Southwestern College Professional Studies as a military learner?

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We’ll post announcements, helpful articles, and other resources to help you as your earn you degree!


For more general questions about Southwestern and our courses visit our FAQ page.

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