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Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance

If an eligible Service members decides to use TA, s/he must speak with an education services officer or counselor within their Military Service for approval.

Air Force Tuition Assistance Portal

Army Tuition Assistance Portal

  • In order to qualify for Tuition Assistance, all soldiers must first visit their installation's education center and create a GoArmyEd account.
  • Once a GoArmyEd account has been created visit to apply for the benefit and to find out more information.

Coast Guard Tuition Assistance Information

Marines Tuition Assistance Portal

Navy Tuition Assistance Portal

Reservist and Guard Tuition Assistance Information

  • To apply and learn more about your benefits please visit your State’s Education Service Officer. (NG/Reservist will need to visit the ESO of each respective State for TA benefits).

Veterans Tuition Assistance Portal

For additional information on how to apply and use your GI Bill® please visit


If you have tuition assistance billing questions please contact:

Ashley Riley
Student Accounts Representative
(620) 229-6318

Terah York
Student Accounts Coordinator
(620) 229-6251