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Operational Leadership

Undergraduate Certificate in Operational Leadership

Program Description

The Operational Leadership Certificate is designed for individuals interested in developing leadership strategies to assist organizations with the multiple challenges of leading in today’s global society. Students are introduced to leadership strategies in the areas of multi-cultural relationships, negotiating, and forecasting. Successful completion of the Operational Leadership Certificate prepares the student to take a proactive role in strategic leadership and decision-making.

Admission Requirements

Anyone interested in completing the Certificate in Operational Leadership may complete a Southwestern College Professional Studies Application for Admission. The five courses comprising the Operational Leadership Certificate can be completed in eight months or less with no prerequisites.

Individuals completing the Operational Leadership Certificate at Southwestern College may apply these 15 credit hours earned toward a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Strategic Leadership or they can be applied as electives in other bachelor degrees offered by Southwestern College Professional Studies.

The Operational Leadership Certificate is offered in an Online format. Courses are delivered in six-week sessions to allow maximum flexibility for busy professionals.

Core Major Requirements

STL307: Leadership Theories and Practical Applications

This course is an introduction to various leadership theories and models. Learners will evaluate and apply leadership theories to practical real work situations.

OMGT320: Managing Group Dynamics

Learners in this course will examine individual and group behavior within the context of the organizational design and culture. Learners gain theoretical and practical knowledge for understanding topics such as motivation, leadership, management decision‐making, group process, and conflict resolution.

BSAD415 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Effective interpersonal skills are essential for professionals as they communicate, collaborate, and negotiate with other individuals and groups within and outside an organization. Successful learners develop the professional interpersonal, facilitation, negotiation, conflict management, and dispute resolution skills necessary for success in today?s complex business environments. This complexity includes elements such as the social, cultural, and economic diversity of the workforce in domestic and global environments. Learners apply these skills in a series of scenarios including those related to personnel, team, contractual, procedural, change, and other stakeholder concerns.

STL420: Forecasting and Leading Change

The course is designed to enable learners to use market trends and societal changes to forecast changes. Topics that include demographic changes, market trends, national income, and societal shifts to effectively forecast future changes by using forecasting techniques will also be covered.

STL430: Multi‐Cultural Perspectives and Global Trends

This course includes the study of leadership implications surrounding political, social, economic and other world views. Learners will also explore how global events effect decision making and strategic goals.

Please note there is limited financial aid eligibility for this certificate program, consult your admissions representative or academic advisor for further information.