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Business Degrees: Knowing the Difference and How to Choose

January 17, 2020 2:24pm

Have you been considering a business degree, but aren’t sure which one to pursue? The great news is that with business professions expected to grow about 7% until 2028, it’s a great time to earn a degree and begin a career in the business world. But with all the varying degrees, how do you choose which one is right for you? Here is a breakdown of the four online business degree programs offered at Southwestern College, what they specialize in, and why you should consider them.

Business Administration

The online business administration degree program is the most versatile. It will prepare you for a broad variety of business positions in various industries. You’ll explore subject matter including global finance, ethics, negotiation and conflict resolution, accounting and marketing! And that broad curriculum will prepare you for a variety of jobs ranging from city management, to real estate, and even event planning should you so choose.

The business administration degree is a great degree if you are looking to enter management roles, or aspire to one day own your own business. It can also be great if you want the largest business career variety!

Strategic Leadership

The Strategic Leadership degree can also lead to a variety of careers as learners develop the knowledge and skillset required to be an effective team member, leader and decision maker in a variety of business settings. As a student, you’ll explore the importance of multi-cultural perspectives and global trends in the business setting, strategic planning, and negotiation and conflict resolution. You’ll examine individual and group behaviors in the business setting and you’ll also learn to use market trends and society changes to forecast change.
With your strategic leadership degree, you will be prepared for a variety of positions including supply chain manager, project manager, and even a business development coordinator. This degree could be right for you if you are looking for a degree that will give you some career versatility, or if you are a military member seeking a commission.

Business Quality Management

The business quality management degree will prepare you for current and emerging trends in quality management, models, and practices in order to deliver products in a timely manner, at a decreased cost, and to the specifications of the customer. This degree also explores a variety of subject matter from project management to data reporting, and even Six Sigma and LEAN principles and applications. Six Sigma and LEAN are two of several widely used quality management methods used in service and manufacturing industries. In fact, while the Six Sigma and LEAN courses at SC are not certification prep courses, they will provide you with foundational knowledge should you choose to purse one or both certification prep courses down the road!

This degree can lead to a variety of manufacturing and production careers including project management, quality control inspection, production management, and business analytics to name just a few! This degree is well suited for anyone who is drawn to service, manufacturing, or production quality management.

Operations Management

Operations Management focuses on the efficiency, effectiveness, quality of service, manufacturing and production operations on behalf of the organization and its customers. It differs from the business quality management degree in that it is focused on the management of all aspects of operations and their logistics – whereas the business quality management degree program is focused on quality management as a practice that can be applied in all areas of an organization’ functions to ensure their quality.

In the operations management program, you will explore a range of subject matter from supply chain management to workforce and performance management, and even business economics.

With this degree, you can pursue positions in project or materials management, quality control, and business analytics. This degree is good for anyone with a passion for service, manufacturing, or production operations.

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