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Signs it’s time to finish your college degree

September 5, 2019 3:16pm

You started your college education and then life just got in the way. Between work, marriage, and keeping up with the kids, you haven’t been able to find enough time or reason to complete your college education – until now. Lately you have been inching more toward the idea of return to school, but aren’t quite certain if it’s the right time. Here are some signs that you should take the plunge and head back to school.

You’re ready for new opportunities

There is only one way to put this: you’re over it. You feel like you have learned all you can learn at your job and there is no way to move up. You are ready for a change. The great news is a degree can change all of this! Having a college education will position you for a step up in the chain of command or into a new position offering more opportunity for skill development. Finishing your bachelor’s degree or earning your graduate-level degree will give you the leverage you need to explore better, more challenging careers for yourself.

You want to increase your earning power

Who doesn’t want to earn more money? One of the best ways to make this possible is with a college education. A degree tells employers that you have taken the time to invest in your knowledge and skill set. And they know you are capable of committing to something big and completing it. College is an investment, but one worth making to open opportunities to increase your earning potential.

You’re craving that sense of accomplishment

Feeling like you haven’t realized your professional potential can be a drag. There is no question that earning a degree will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride – as it should! It takes time, focus, and serious dedication to attend college courses as an adult learner. And when you step across the graduation state, you will undoubtedly have a deeper appreciation for all you’ve achieved. Proving to yourself that you can set a goal, put it into motion, and see it through can improve your career opportunities while boosting your confidence!

You want to set an example

You want what most every parent wants – a great life for your kids. You want them to set their dreams high and work toward them. Completing your degree may provide career and earning opportunities for you, but it also creates the opportunity to be a positive role model for your children. Returning to school and finishing your degree can teach your children valuable lessons in sacrifice, time management, budgeting, commitment…the list goes on. Working toward your degree takes perseverance and self-discipline – something that likely won’t go unnoticed by the ones you love.

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