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Emergency Management & Business Continuity Emergency Management & Business Continuity Emergency Management & Business Continuity

Emergency Management & Business Continuity


Total Credit Hours: 15

Program Length: As little as 8 months

The Emergency Management and Business Continuity Certificate is designed to address a multitude of issues and challenges facing the increasing complex nature of today’s private and public organizations. Learners will examine best practices and lessons learned and analyze a wide range of topics and issues within the emergency management and business continuity discipline. Learners will analyze national standards in corroboration with assessing the skills needed for the formulation of emergency and business continuity plans, in order to maintain organizational and business functions. Related courses are supported by resources from FEMA’s Emergency Management Higher Education (EM Hi-Ed) Program. Our program is also aligned with academic and industry wide technical competencies illustrated in American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS’s) Enterprise Security Model.

  • Complete in as little as 8 months
  • No prerequisites
  • Program aligned with ASIS’s Enterprise Security Model
  • No prerequisites

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Anyone interested in completing the Emergency Management & Business Continuity Certificate may complete a Southwestern College Professional Studies Undergraduate Application for Admission. The five courses comprising the Emergency Management & Business Continuity Certificate can be completed in eight months or less in convenient six-week classes with no prerequisites.


SMGT350: Homeland Security: All-Hazards

This course introduces learners to a diverse group of topics and issues within the homeland security enterprise. Topics include, but are not limited to, historical perspectives of homeland security, all-hazards methodology, critical infrastructure sectors and protection, weapons of mass destruction, emergency planning and response strategies, national security, civil liberties, legislation, and public management. Learners will also examine the essential coordination and communication between government agencies and private entities.

SMGT332: Corporate Risk Management

The risks to businesses today are wide ranging in scope, including but not limited to, natural and man-made disasters, terrorism and crime. Learners will discuss in depth the theories and practical applications of risk analysis. Learners will also examine a holistic approach to risk management identifying the many internal and external risks facing today’s enterprises and mitigation strategies. Learners will also analyze the effectiveness of security programs via metrics and business continuity principles.

SMGT462: Emergency Planning

The course provides a practical process of disaster response planning and mitigation for security professionals working in both public and private organizations. Learners will explore the National Incident Management System (NIMS), and assess emergency management best practices, along with an analysis of the phases of emergency management. In addition, a review of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is covered, as well as an examination of the roles, responsibilities, and interrelationship between FEMA, state and local emergency management systems, and other critical partners.

SMGT463: Crisis and Risk Communication

The dynamic nature of threats facing our private and public organizations and communities’ demands the rapid dissemination of information across many spectrums for the consumption and action of affected stakeholders. Learners will analyze various forms of risk communication proficiencies, and pre and post incident internal and external communication strategies. Learners will also examine the growing influence of social media strategies and their successful employment before, during and after an event.

SMGT464: Business Continuity Management

This course focuses on the procedures, practices and functions of continuity planning in an effort to mitigate disruptions to the enterprise from a wide variety of hazards. Learners will examine best practices, disaster recovery principles, industry standards, and how to build resilience across the enterprise. In addition, learners will examine critical business functions and develop a business continuity plan.

*Please note there is limited financial aid eligibility for this certificate program, consult your admissions representative or academic success coach for further information.

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