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Are Online Courses Right for Me?

Are Online Courses Right for Me?

Test Drive an Online Course

If you are thinking of taking an online course and would like to see how such a course works, you may test drive an online course. This course was developed to provide a sample classroom for learners who want to explore online options before enrolling at Southwestern College Professional Studies. You cannot do anything wrong. We encourage you to click around trying out the various sections and become comfortable with the environment. We think you will really enjoy the online environment and will find it an exciting, convenient way to learn. Check it out!

Follow the instructions below to Log in

2. Enter username: test.driver
3. Enter password: tdriver
4. Click Log In
5. In the My Courses panel on the right, click on the link PS Sample Course

Once you gain access, look for the “My Courses” section and click on the title of the course. Be sure to access it from the My Courses area.

You may also find the following resources helpful in determining your readiness for online courses.