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Southwestern College Online Tutoring Center Southwestern College Online Tutoring Center Southwestern College Online Tutoring Center

Southwestern College Online Tutoring Center

The Southwestern College Online Tutoring Center is a free service for SC Professional Studies students providing one-on-one writing and math consultations with a faculty consultant for the purpose of guidance in developing writing or math skills and/or gaining feedback on an assignment. The goal is to provide writing and math guidance and support to help learners become stronger and more confident. The SC Online Tutoring Center provides:

  • One-on-one, web-based writing consultations available Tuesday-Saturday in a 30-minute session
  • Guidance at any stage in the writing process, including invention, pre-writing, early draft, or secondary revisions
  • One-on-one, web-based math consultations available Wednesday-Saturday in a 30-minute session
  • Guidance with any math-focused query, including specific math courses or questions that arise in degree programs including business, accounting, technology, etc.

How to Schedule a Consultation

  1. Register for an account – Access the Southwestern College Tutoring Center to register
  2. Book an appointment – Once you are registered, log in and choose the appropriate schedule. In the scheduling window, select the preferred date, click on an available time, fill in the form, and submit
  3. Submit your writing work – Upload a Word document or assignment you will be working on with your consultant at least 24 hours before your appointment through the appointment window or through the Online Tutoring Center toolbar via the yellow “file” icon


  1. Submit your math work – In order for the math consultant to establish an appropriate starting point and carry out necessary preparation ahead of the scheduled consultation, you should submit specific math topic(s) or problem(s) in which you are needing help or relevant /supplemental materials such as assignment guidelines, class notes/handouts, and any work/calculations already completed to solve the problem on your own no less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.
  2. Attend your consultation – Meet your consultant via web conference to receive actionable feedback to develop your writing or math skills

Access a full list of instructions here or watch a quick tutorial video below.

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