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Doctorate of Education

Doctorate of Education

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The doctor of education (Ed.D.) in educational leadership is a professional degree for practitioners in education and is presented through admission processes that develop cadres of intelligent, visionary doctoral-level educators who will integrate education with 21st century society and technology. The program continues the Southwestern College tradition of educators as servant leaders. A graduate and educational leader will be devoted to improving education by serving the needs of students and organizational members; focusing on meeting their needs; developing employees to bring out the best in them; coaching others and encouraging their self- expression; facilitating personal growth  in all who work with them; and listening as they build  a sense of community.

The doctor of education in educational leadership program is for early- and mid-career educators who view building, district, and teacher leadership as collaborative, visionary, and transformative to affect change in responsive educational settings. The Ed.D. degree is awarded upon successful completion of the professional portfolio and oral presentation in areas for licensure, and the dissertation and its defense. The curriculum includes both the theory and the practice of education through learning modules that typically establish the theory and then include a practicum within the module.

Within the Ed.D. in educational leadership, Southwestern College offers Kansas licensure programs in building administration, district administration, and teacher leader.  Two master’s degrees can be conferred within the program.  Students beginning the program without previously having obtained a master’s degree are required to obtain two areas of licensure through the Ed.D. program. Students who have master’s degrees and one of the three areas of licensure already obtained can add one additional area of licensure while earning the Ed.D.