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ESOL Certificate Preparation

Southwestern College Professional Studies offers a series of three exam preparation courses designed to prepare educators for the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) licensure exam. Obtaining ESOL licensure is beneficial for any educator, and especially those who teach in areas where there is a growing population of ESOL students and families. Educators with ESOL licensure will be able to better connect with their students and be more marketable as a teacher. School districts with ESOL licensed teachers will also find that they are better equipped to meet the needs of ESOL students and families.

This series of courses may be applied toward a bachelor’s or master’s degree with Southwestern College Professional Studies, or as professional development credits required to maintain a state teaching license.

While there is a progressive order suggested for these courses, coursework can be completed in any order. Additionally, licensed teachers can take the ESOL licensure exam at any point, so the exam could be taken after completing one, two, or all three of the courses.


EDUC 450/550 Second Language Acquisition and Cultural Identity in Language

EDUC 490/590 Teaching English as a Second Language and Assessing Language Competency

Please note this program is not eligible for financial aid.