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4 Learning Styles: Knowing Yours and How to Maximize It

January 7, 2020 8:54am

As you dive into the world of online learning, it can be helpful to know what type of learner you are so you can put it to work for you! There are four main types of learners: visual, reading/writing, auditory, and kinesthetic. Though you might be more than one type of learner depending on the subject matter, here are ways to identify how you learn best and how to apply your learning style(s) in order to become a more successful learner.

Visual Learners

Visual learners tend to better learn by seeing and observing. These learners find pictures, diagrams, tables, and charts to be helpful. You might be a visual learner if you find yourself utilizing the technique of drawing or mapping out charts and diagrams to help you learn and retain new information. You can continue to maximize this learning style by gathering information you have learned in class and organizing it into drawings, charts, or pictures to better understand it.

Auditory Learners

Auditory learners prefer to learn by listening. They find listening to lectures, reading text aloud, or listening to audio books to be beneficial as opposed to reading the information. If this describes you, you may capitalize on this by reading text aloud when assigned chapters in your textbooks. This may help you process and retain the information better because you are able to hear it. You can also repeat concepts from a PowerPoint or other notes from class. You might also want to consider requesting a Zoom session with your instructor so you are able to talk through the concepts covered and go over any questions you have.

Reading/Writing Learners

The reading/writing learner is sometimes thought of as a sub-type of visual learner. These learners find writing, reading articles, and taking notes to be most helpful when learning. If you find that you understand and retain information better once you’ve written it down, you are likely to be a reading/writing learner.

You can capitalize on this learning style by writing discussion board posts in your courses, reading from your textbooks or notes, and writing down definitions. Many times reading and writing learners find it helpful to write down concepts multiple times in order to grasp and retain new information.

Kinesthetic Learners

The kinesthetic learner finds they learn best when they are able to dig right in! These learners enjoy learning by acting out events, physically completing a task, or participating in other hands-on activities.

If a kinesthetic learner is a teaching major, they might learn better while they are completing observation or co-teaching hours. A computer programming major may learn best by practicing coding. And a business major might find it helpful to apply concepts introduced in class in their current workplace.

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