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Signs a Career in HR is Right for You

December 6, 2019 9:39am

If you are like many people considering a degree in human resources, you may be thinking that the HR field seems a bit intimidating. HR leaders frequently encounter tough tasks and are forced to make difficult decisions, so having the right personality can make the difference in a strong HR manager. If you have these qualities (or can develop them), you can feel more confident about success in a career in HR.

You are organized

Being organized is an important trait to have in any career, but it is especially crucial for human resource managers. There are many things you will need to keep track of including employee files, benefit information, complaints, and large amounts of paperwork to name a few. And with laws constantly changing, keeping files organized will be paramount to our job.

You can solve problems

It’s not going to be easy to deal with workplace conflict or disciplining an employee, whether it be disciplinary action regarding behavior or performance, or something more serious like a termination. Unfortunately, it is likely something you will have to face during your career in human resources. Having the ability to take the time to evaluate an issue and investigate it thoroughly is key to resolving workplace conflict in a fair and appropriate manner.

You know how to be discreet

Remaining tight-lipped is a crucial trait of anyone in HR. You will find yourself in many situations where this will be important including terminations, company policy changes, workplace complaints, internal investigations, and more. The more restrained you are the more likely it is employees will confide in you, allowing you to be a more effective HR manager.

You think before you act

If you always find yourself weighing the pros and cons of a decision before you make it, you might make an excellent HR manager! Researching a problem or complaint, taking all aspects into consideration, and then considering the possible outcomes will be a huge part of your job in HR. It’s important to contemplate the possible effects of your decisions, how employees might react, and how you will handle the aftermath before acting.

You are approachable

Do you often find that people come to you to vent or get your advice about a personal or workplace problem? Being someone that is open, honest, and willing to listen is a key trait of anyone who deals with people on a daily basis. This will make it easier for you to gather all the details regarding a situation, get honest answers from employees, and make a more informed decision.

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