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Faculty are absolutely instrumental in helping adult learners achieve their lifelong dream of attaining a degree. Our faculty are not only responsible for the instructional and academic components of the courses they teach the extra step we expect our faculty to take in connecting with learners as people, creating highly engaging interactive learning communities, and helping to motivate adults in their learning journey and personal moral development is what sets us apart. We encourage our instructors to have high academic standards and  to do it in an atmosphere of empowerment, understanding, and flexibility. We expect our instructors to have a passion for their subject matter as well as a passion for students.

Lionel Santiago

Lead Faculty for Criminal Justice, Security Management, and Security Administration

Phone: 316.684.5335
E-mail: lionel.santiago@sckans.edu

Lionel Santiago is the Lead Faculty for Criminal Justice, Security Management, and Security Administration. He is a Master Police Officer with the Orlando Police Department with over 14 years of experience.  He is also a veteran of the U.S. Army and Florida Army National Guard.

His tenure has been highlighted by assignments in Patrol, Special Operations Division, Criminal Investigations Division (Property and Economic crimes) and Chief’s Staff in the Internal Affairs Unit. He is currently assigned to Recruiting as the department’s Recruiter. He is a member of the Orlando Police Honor Guard and the Emergency Services Unit and a past member of the Emergency Response and Police WMD Hazmat teams.

Mr. Santiago is a Florida Department of Law Enforcement certified Law Enforcement General Subjects, Defensive Tactics and Physical Fitness Instructor. He has been part of the instructor staff at Valencia College’s Criminal Justice Institute (Law Enforcement Academy) since 2005.   Prior to his tenure at the Orlando Police Department, he was the Director of Operations for the Central Florida Sports Commission.  Mr. Santiago received his Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Interpersonal Communications from the University of Central Florida and Master in Arts Degree in Homeland Security with a concentration in Security Management from American Military University.  


Area of Expertise: 

Aenea Harbes Psychology
Alberto Jerez Computer Programming Technology
Alex Huggard Ministry
Alice Bendinelli English and Communication
Allison Apaza (Beahm) Healthcare
Amedee Jacques Computer Programming Technology
Angela Goodson General Education
Anika Doucette Healthcare
Anjaih Clemons Business Quality Management
Ashley Barlow-Thompson Ministry
Ashley Luckie Human Resources
Barbie Light Business Administration
Beth Galbreath Ministry
Brandon McNeal Business Administration
Brandon Whipplel Capstone Course
Brent Tabor Accounting/Business Administration
Brian Perryman Business Administration
Brian Richards Computer Programming Technology
Brian Ward Business Quality Management
Brian Weaver Accounting
Bryan Corbin English and Communication
Caleb Ediger Nursing
Chad Andrae Computer Programming Technology
Charles Lutz CORE
CharlesRoss Leadership and Management/Psychology
Chris Harris Human Resources
Chuck Wright General Education
Cindy Lynch Accounting
Cody Taylor Business Quality Management
Courtney Hladik Business Administration
Sebastian Czar Computer Programming Technology
Dale Hager Criminal Justice
Daniel Hinson Operations Management
Daniel Mayes Ministry
Danielle Lopes Ministry
Danny Hay Criminal Justice
Dante Penington Criminal Justice
Darrin DeReus Business Administration
David DiBari General Education
David Hays General Education
Deborah Fortner Business Quality Management
Denaya Wininger General Education
Denise Sherman Leadership and Management
Donisha Ross General Education
Donna Boese Leadership and Management
Doug Wilson Business Quality Management
Dustin Nichols Leadership and Management
Earl Greenia Healthcare
Ed Vengrouskie Business Administration
Eduardo Lopez Criminal Justice
Elisabeth Musil Leadership and Management
Elizabeth Parks English and Communication
Eric Lybarger Healthcare
Erik Crew Leadership and Management
Felecia Norris Criminal Justice
Fred Newell Criminal Justice
Gina Anderson English and Communication
Gregory Cole Leadership and Management
Gregory Pace Leadership and Management
Gretchen Murray CORE
Harold Blair Healthcare
Harold Reynolds Business Administration
Holly Nordholm General Education
Ivy White Leadership and Management
Jackson Lashier MInistry
James Crawley General Education
James Culp General Education
James Luce Computer Programming Technology
James Ray General Education
James Strickland Ministry
James Uhlenkamp Computer Programming Technology
Jamie Chism Human Resources
Jamilah Rattler Business Administration
Jan Todd General Education
Jared Reynolds Business Administration
Jason Ellis Accounting/Business Administration
Jason Karpf Business Administration
Jean Gordon Healthcare
Jeffrey Barnes Ministry
Jennifer Woemmel Leadership and Management
Jerome Mosier Business Administration/Business Quality Management
Jessica Hance Accounting
Jimmy Duncan Human Resources
Joel Light Business Administration
Joseph Hamlett Business Administration
Joy Wray Nursing
Joyce McCulloch Computer Programming Technology
Juan Bobadilla General Education
Judy Bastin CORE
Julie Turner General Education
Kapuanani Johnson Psychology
Keith Melvin Computer Programming Technology
Kelli Kapp-Heifner English and Communication
Kelly Rundell Business Administration
Kelly Wibbenmeyer Business Administration
Kenneth Jackson Business Administration
Kenneth Kolembe General Education
Kent Adams Accounting
Kevin Misenheimer Accounting
Kirsten Guidero Ministry
Kristen Scott English and Communication
Kristi Singer General Education
Krystal Winn English and Communication
Krystin Wessner Psychology
Larry Wolod Accounting/Business Administration
Leon "Sonny" Clough Criminal Justice
Leslie Chaffin Business Administration/Healthcare
Linda Burr Human Resources
Lionel Santiago Criminal Justice
Lois Brown CORE
Lori Colvin English and Communication
Lori Fiorino Criminal Justice
Lori Grubs Human Resources
Lydia Saunders Healthcare
Marcella Aycock Leadership and Management
Marcus Carlson Ministry
Matt Johnson Business Administration
Matthew Brannagan Psychology
Matthew Thompson Ministry
Matthew Treaster General Education
Max Van Ausdal Business Quality Management
Michael Beardslee Ministry
Michael Johnson Business Administration
Mike Alumbaugh Business Quality Management
Molly Young Business Administration
Monica Gross General Education
Morea Simmons Accounting/Business Administration
Nam Pham English and Communication
Neal Armstong Business Quality Management
Neil Chapman Business Quality Management
Nicole Runyon Business Administration
Oligens Sulo Nursing
Pam McEwen CORE
Pam Thompson English/Composition
Patricia Addesso Leadership and Management
Patsy Johnson Leadership and Management
Peter Herdt Criminal Justice
Quiana McCoy-Taylor Composition 
Rachel Brown Healthcare
Rachel Matthews Psychology
Randall Doll Business Administration
Randall Otto Ministry
Rebecca Braaten Business Quality Management
Rebecca Pauly Nursing
Rena Rodriguez General Education
Renee Mathes Healthcare
Rhonda Martin Business Quality Management
Richard Ory Business Quality Management
Richelle Mattson Criminal Justice
Robert Crites Criminal Justice
Robin Hancock Business Quality Management
Roger Fuller Business Administration
Russ Schoech Computer Programming Technology
Samuel O'Donnell General Education
Sara Willox  Business Administration
Sarah Matthews Accounting
Sean Roberson Operations Management
Seth Mecum Security Management
Shana Gardner Business Quality Management
Shaun Stewart Business Quality Management
Shawn Mount Introduction to Online learning/CORE 
Shay Richardson Business Administration
Shelley Bradbury Human Resources
Shelly Koonce Human Resources
Sherri Culp General Education
Stacy Harvey Computer Programming Technology
Stephanie Hare Nursing
Stephannie Delong Capstone Course
StephenGralewski Business Quality Management
Steve Adams Accounting
Susan Sutton Accounting
Tal Tittsworth Ministry
Tanesha Morgan Accounting
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Thomas Grafton Ministry
Tiffany Whetzel CORE
Tony Sines Computer Programming Technology
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Vernon Friday Business Quality Management
William Smith Security Management
Yelando Johnson Leadership and Management
Yvonne Stone Computer Programming Technology
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