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Army Education at Southwestern College

Army Education at Southwestern College

You know what dedication is – you prove it through your service to our country. Why not extend that drive to obtaining your degree? It doesn’t matter if you’re continuing or returning to school, we offer a college experience on your terms.

College of the American Soldier

Southwestern College is proud to be a part of the College of the American Soldier. The College of the American Soldier (CAS) works in conjunction with GoArmyEd and colleges whose degrees participate in the Career Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Degrees Program.

CAS expands existing civilian higher education degree choices to provide Career NCOs with broad preparation degree options not tied to a specific MOS and that:

  • Provide flexibility in degree completion time
  • Maximize credit transfer between colleges
  • Maximize college credit for military training and education
  • Minimize academic residency requirements
  • Provide business- and management-related degrees

The Three Step Process to Receive Tuition Assistance for Your College Education as an Army Member

  1. In order to qualify for Tuition Assistance, all soldiers must first visit their installations education center and create a GoArmyEd account.
  2. Once a GoArmyEd account has been created visit to apply for the benefit and to find out more information.
  3. Fill-out and submit the Soutwestern College Enrollment Application

All service members eligible must coordinate with education advisors or ESOs or counselor within their military service PRIOR to enrolling to obtain approval for TA.


Other Helpful Information

Information regarding Joint Services Transcripts

Southwestern College will accept up to 64 credits from your Joint Services Transcript. Once you have enrolled in GoArmyEd, Southwestern College will automatically request an official copy of your JST.  You can also access your JST by clicking the following link  Southwestern College also requires that students submit official transcripts from each university they have attended within eight weeks of starting classes.  

Official Transcripts can be mailed to:

Southwestern College - Registrar's Office
100 College St., Winfield, Kansas 67156