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Talking with your Instructor

Talking with your Instructor

  • Communicate in a courteous and professional manner. Instructors are people, too.

  • Seek clarification rather than accuse of inappropriate actions.

  • Remember netiquette: no texting slang, no all caps (shouting), and no disrespectful language.

  • Instructors post key information about class assignments, late work, deadlines, etc. in the syllabus and in BlackBoard via announcement, rubrics and class resources. Look in these places to find the answers and then seek clarification if needed.

  • Write down your questions. Being prepared and organized always looks good!

  • Reflect on how you have accomplished your class tasks/assignments and acknowledge your role in a situation.

  • Instructors are here to help you learn. This does not prevent you from seeking outside tools to help yourself grow and expand your knowledge.

  • Be cognizant of when you call instructors. Calling late at night – even to leave a message – disrupts households. Late night contact is best conducted via email.

  • Instructors lead busy lives and will make every attempt to return emails in a timely manner (generally within 24 hours). Please plan accordingly when asking for assistance on homework assignments.