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Prepare for Coaching Appointments

Prepare for Coaching Appointments

Your first appointment, frequently referred to as the “Foundation Appointment," will provide an overview of your education at Southwestern College. Come prepared by reviewing your New Learner Instructions sent via email by your Admissions Counselor. Write down questions or concerns. You will have an opportunity to discuss the answers with your coach during the Foundation meeting. Your coach will also ask questions about you, your plans, and review vital, need-to-know-in-order-to-be-successful, information. Ideally, the Foundation meeting will take place before your first class.

The learner/ASC relationship is ongoing and continues throughout your tenure at SC. Coaches are available to learners via telephone, email, Skype and live chat. Appointments may be made for longer discussions while impromptu conversations are welcome. The ultimate goal of the ASC unit is for you to persist and meet your educational goals. As with any quality relationship, two-way communication is essential and learners are encouraged to connect with their assigned coach on a routine basis. Additionally, coaches will provide proactive outreach to learners as well as support during times of need.