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BSAD415: Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

BSAD415: Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

Course Description

Effective interpersonal skills are essential for professionals as they communicate, collaborate, and negotiate with other individuals and groups within and outside an organization. Successful learners develop the professional interpersonal, facilitation, negotiation, conflict management, and dispute resolution skills necessary for success in today’s complex business environments. This complexity includes elements such as the social, cultural, and economic diversity of the workforce in domestic and global environments. Learners apply these skills in a series of scenarios including those related to personnel, team, contractual, procedural, change, and other stakeholder concerns.

Relevant Degree Programs

BSAD415 is a course requirement for Business Administration, Operations Management and Strategic Leadership degree programs and may be used as an elective for ANY other major at Southwestern College and can fullfill the "Social Science" elective requirement for those needing it.

Special Offer for Military Learners

Military learners who enroll in our on ground BSAD415 course at McConnell AFB during our Spring 3 Session will have their technology AND textbook fees waived. Additionally, learners utilizing their GI bill will see an increase in their variable housing allowance for taking this on-ground course.

Course Information

Classes will be held at McConnell AFB on Wednesday nights from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. beginning April 4th.

Contact Information

Anyone interested in taking advantage of this exciting opportunity is encouraged to reach out to their Academic Success Coach or call Derek Lawrence at 316.866.3371