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Credit Toward Your Degree

Credit Toward Your Degree

Prior Learning Assessment

Earn the credit you deserve!  Southwestern College recognizes that some learning takes place outside the classroom. Southwestern College will apply up to 64 credits toward your bachelor's degree. You can earn college credit in a variety of ways.

Credit by Exam - Exams such CLEP (College Level Examination Progam) and DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-traditional Education Support) are available for a wide range of specific course credit.

Credit Evaluated by the Academic Council on Education (ACE)

We'll be happy to review and award the appropriate credit toward your degree in accordance with ACE guidelines.

Transfer Credit  - If you have prior college credit and have earned a "C" grade or better we will accept up to 64 credits toward your program at Southwestern College.  Prior credit must have been earned through a regionally accredited organization or an accreditor recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).  

Southwestern has established specific articulation agreements with a variety of institutions.

Prior Learning Portfolio - Southwestern College recognizes that not all learning takes place in a classroom. Students interested in developing a prior learning portfolio can demonstrate learning from a variety of experiences such as work and volunteer experience, training, and travel. Southwestern has partnered with LearningCounts, an organization that is dedicated to assisting students develop portfolios for review to earn college credit. Learning Counts is part of the Council on Adult Experiential Learning (CAEL)organization. Southwestern College will accept in transfer the credit recommendations from the Learning Counts transcript. Please visit for more information about earning credit for what you know. Southwestern College charges no fee for this option; however, charges varying fees for different levels of service. Credits earned through the portfolio process are graded satisfactory (S) and count towards graduation, but do not count towards the 30 hours required at Southwestern College.