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Employer Reimbursement

Employer Reimbursement

Many employers offer employee college tuition programs as part of their benefits package. In addition to tuition, some employers will even cover the cost of fees, books, and other related expenses, either by reimbursing the employee upon completion of the course or by paying the college directly. To learn more about your employer’s continuing education benefits, contact your human resources department.

If you qualify for this benefit, Southwestern College offers a plan that allows you to defer payment until after 60 days after the end of the semester is complete or we can directly bill your employer for tuition or other fees. 

Employer Reimbursement Process:

  1. Request and set up your Self-Service account.  
  2. In Self-Service, go to Finances tab > ePayment.  The payment plan options will be in a box on the right side.  Choose 'Reimbursement Plan.  You will be asked to pay a $15 fee to participate in this deferment plan.
  3. Submit a copy of a reimbursement letter or other approval form from your employer (on company letterhead) indicating approval for this benefit.  It should specify the employer name, a contact, the student’s name and the courses and/or fees that are approved for payment. Forms can be submitted to Accounts@sckans.edu