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Corporate Customize Training and Talent Development Services

Corporate Customize Training and Talent Development Services

Client Centric and Customer Focused

Organizations that value high performance seek opportunities to continually improve their products, processes and people. The Center for Corporate Learning collaborates with each client to determine the best approach for training and talent development. Each program is tailored to complement specific objectives and reinforces the organization’s strategic plan.

Customized Training Services

In this dynamic and evolving business climate, businesses must be prepared to meet competitive challenges. The Center for Corporate Learning can customize training and talent development to meet the strategic and specific needs of an organization. Examples of training services offered are:

  • Supervisory Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Group Dynamics and Team Building
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Professional and Business Communication
  • Project Management
  • Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma
  • Diversity and Cultural Inclusion
  • Bridging Generation Gaps
  • Executive Level Leadership and Professional Development 

Leadership Development and Coaching

Talent development is more than learning a new idea or concept. It often requires helping those who aspire to elevate and achieve to become successful. Leadership development and coaching offers a different dimension to increasing value to an organization. The Center for Corporate Learning has experienced leadership coaches available to assist with reaching their personal and professional best.

Building Blocks to Success

Knowing where to start can be a challenge. The Center for Corporate Learning (CCL) offers customized training that builds on current knowledge, skills and abilities. It moves the organization forward by designing customized training at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

By conducting thorough needs assessment, gap analysis and improvement planning process, expert staff at CCL will build a customized training and talent development program designed to address each organization’s unique needs.

Delivery of Training and Talent Development

Ideally, most organizations prefer that training services are delivered in a manner that has minimal interference with work schedules and productivity. The Center for Corporate Learning embraces technology and offers a myriad of options for delivery of training and talent development. Instructor-led training courses can be designed to be delivered at an organization's site or held at one of our Southwestern College locations! In addition to CCL's traditional classroom delivery, courses can be taught online or hybrid (combination of both).  Depending on the type of training, coursework can be delivered via blended learning format such as modules, case studies, or group activities. Subject matter experts at CCL will be involved with designing, delivering and assessing the method of training required to meet objectives. 

Our Global Connections

Southwestern College values leadership through service in a world without boundaries. The Center for Corporate Learning is poised to offer customized training in the following:

  • Diversity and cultural awareness
  • Business and professional etiquette
  • Business trade customs
  • Language translation services  

Industry Certification Preparatory Courses

Professional development will often lead to earning credentials through industry certifications. The Center for Corporate Learning offers courses that can increase knowledge and prepares those who are qualified to sit for the exam. The following industry preparatory courses are:

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Certificate Programs

Southwestern College offers a range of undergraduate and graduate level certificate programs. These short-term certificates can be taken separately to gain knowledge and skills in a specific area. Some programs offer classes that can be applied toward degree programs.

Career Services

Our Instructors

When offering training and talent development to our business and industry partners, experience, expertise and industry knowledge is important. Instructors are uniquely qualified in all three areas through their industry experience with many of the corporations that many have come to admire. Many hold advanced degrees, industry certifications and are subject matter experts in training design and development. All training and talent development programs will incorporate a company's specific needs, objectives and outcomes!

Contact Information

For more information on how the Center for Corporate Learning can assist in your training and talent development needs, please contact Denise Sherman at or 316 684.5335 ext. 3360.