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Why Should You Hire a Vet?

Why Should You Hire a Vet?

There are approximately 19,000 unemployed Veterans in the United States today. This leaves plenty of opportunities to hire a quality employee who is the perfect fit to make your team a success. Here is a look at some things to consider when hiring a veteran:

Exhibit proven leadership: From the beginning of a veteran’s career they are placed into leadership roles. Leadership roles that are continuously developed further education, training and on-the-job encounters.

Mission focused:  Veterans are used to thinking of the mission at hand. Being able to stay focused makes veterans capable of meeting requirements in a professional and timely manner. Obstacles are easily maneuvered and overcome.

Great team players:  Veterans have been taught to work within a team environment in any capacity whether it be a small role or as a leader. Individual efforts are what make the group successful. No matter the task, they are willing and able to take it on.

Excellent work ethic:  Military personnel have an understanding of success. Success is dependent on the team in which they are part of. Because of hard work and dedication, veterans are able to take control of their own success and ensuring their promotion. By doing this it ensure the overall success of a company. This will carry over to their civilian career. Veterans are adaptable to new and changing work environments.

Possess wide range of education and training: Education and training are at the forefront of any military career. Veterans are taught new skills in many different areas with a focus on the newest technology. Veterans are taught leadership, management, operations and sales. Being able to evolve and learn new skills makes veterans eager to learn and adapt. 

Great contributors: Veterans are used to being challenged. They are encouraged daily to be quick thinkers, precise, excellent decision making skills and to able take initiative. They also have the ability to give credit where credit is due to ensure team cohesiveness.

Previously passed background checks and security clearances: Over 90 percent of the military have already undergone extensive background checks and have various levels of security clearances. This saves corporations a great deal of time and money.

Willing to relocate:  When leaving active duty, veterans are given paid relocation services. This can save employers money and ensure the employee will be able to relocate for the position.  Veterans are also highly adaptable and willing to move to meet the job requirement.

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