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Top Benefits of Earning Your Lean Six Sigma Certification

Top Benefits of Earning Your Lean Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma was first introduced by Motorola in 1986 with a mission of improving the quality of processing by identifying and removing the causes of errors in the manufacturing industry. It uses a set of quality management methods and creates a special team of people within the company who are experts in Six Sigma methodology. These experts are ranked depending on their certification levels as either “white belt,” “yellow belt,” “green belt,” “black belt,” or “master black belt.” Those experts work on “projects,” which have a goal to produce significant improvements in a process. The two Six Sigma projects are DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and control) in order to improve a current process or DMADV (define, measure, analyze, design, verify) in order to create a new process. As more projects are put into place together, organizations experience a nearly defect-free performance. Notable companies that claimed to have used Six Sigma include Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Dell & General Electric.

In recent years, Lean Manufacturing, a system of eliminating waste within a manufacturing system, has been combined with Six Sigma and labeled Lean Six Sigma in an effort to eliminate the eight types of waste: defects, overproduction, waiting, non-utilized talent, transportation, inventory, motion, extra-processing. These are abbreviated as “DOWNTIME.” Companies including 3M, ACME and Louisiana-Pacific Corp. have reported successful results from using Lean Six Sigma. Similar to Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma uses the five phases of the DMAIC project as well as a belt certification system as listed in the charge below:

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The inarguable positive impact Lean Six Sigma has had on the bottom lines of companies around the world has led to the usage of its methodologies being used by various industries.
Being a certified Lean Six Sigma expert will not only benefit your personal professional growth but that of your organization as well.

Certified Professionals Earn More

Just like earning your college degree, Lean Six Sigma certifications are not cheap or easy to attain and managers in the field know this. Having the drive to earn your certification will make you stand out from the crowd and showcase your dedication to improving the processes of the company in which you work. As you gain more understanding of the Lean Six Sigma process through your certification, you put yourself in the position of becoming a successful team member of a project management team. As you work to improve quality and consistency while eliminating waste, you will be seen as a crucial member of your group. Your success in areas such as time management, strategic planning and employee motivation will make you a more valuable employee and that can lead to better opportunities for promotions and increased salary.

Position Yourself as Leader of the Pack

It takes willingness to do every job and play every role to become a great leader. As you work your way up the ladder from your green belt to your black belt, you will learn to evaluate and clarify processes that will improve your company’s efficiency through Six Sigma and eliminate waste using Lean. You’ll go from having awareness of Lean Six Sigma methodologies to playing an active role on projects and finally being the leader of your team project with your black belt. As a full-time project leader, you’ll work to cut waste while safeguarding a quality product. 

Bring Success to Your Business 

Being certified means you have learned the proper application of Lean Six Sigma methodologies. With those in place your organization will turn a better product, which results in customer satisfaction. As you work to maintain a good, consistent product, it is most likely that your customers will remain loyal. The happier your customers are the better the chances they will tell other potential clientele, meaning more profit for your company and a better bottom line.
Another benefit Lean Six Sigma can bring to your organization is a happier workforce. Its methodologies bring employees together working toward a common goal. A happier workplace will inherently create a better product. As your better products get noticed by other companies it will lead to stronger partnerships. The chain reaction begins with you and your Lean Six Sigma certification.

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