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Rules of Engagement for the Civilian Work Force

Rules of Engagement for the Civilian Work Force

There is not a mission at hand for many civilian companies, their main goal is to make a profit. There are many aspects to consider when doing your civilian job, one major one is how can you make this profitable for your company. Is what you are doing bringing in clients, is it making enough of a return on the investment, is it maintaining a good image for their customers.

Dress codes are different based on where you work, know what is expected, most places don’t have a uniform. Human resources departments will make the dress code policy available to you. There is no clear cut dressing standard when it comes to businesses. If you are unsure of what business casual standards are, take the time to do research to understand what that means.

Looking down on people for taking a break is not ok – breaks are a right, not a privilege. In some cases it is a policy to take a 15 minute break and a lunch at specified times. Take it! Not only is it good for you, it allows you time to socialize and build bonds with your co-workers.

Civilians are not clock watchers, not everyone cares if you don’t show up 15 minutes prior to your work day, or 15 minutes after. The old rule, if you aren’t 15 minutes early you are late does not apply to the civilian world.

You are not on duty 24/7, you are not obligated to check in or tell someone you’re going out of town on a long weekend, without using your vacation time. When you leave for the day your personal life is yours to have. You can drive 8 hours after work to make it to an event and drive right back. No permission needed. Leave work at work where you left it and enjoy the ability to move freely.

It your responsibility to adapt to your new surroundings, not for them to adapt to you.