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Cutting Edge Operations Mgmt Program Redesigned in 2018

Cutting Edge Operations Mgmt Program Redesigned in 2018

The Operations Management undergraduate online degree program at Southwestern College is being redesigned to have a blend of top-notch, relevant content infused with cutting edge technology.

“We are removing standard textbooks where appropriate, adding up-to-date content and using innovative technologies to engage students for the best possible learning experiences,” says Mike Leamy, associate vice president of academic affairs for Southwestern College Professional Studies.

The Operations Management program offers a practical learning experience and readies learners for top paying jobs in the field. In fact, the 2018 U.S. News and World Report lists operations manager careers as #5 on its list of Best Business Jobs

Learners in the OMGT program will experience the following:

  • Six-week online courses
  • Project focused curriculum, not textbook centered
  • Relevant and current applied projects
  • Interactive lectures conducted by OMGT experts
  • Faculty who possess highest credentials in the field
  • Work with OMGT mentor

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