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6 Traits of a Strong Business Leader

6 Traits of a Strong Business Leader

A college education is an asset to any leader in today’s business leader. But certain qualities found in great leaders serve as the foundation. Here are some qualities and traits of outstanding leaders.  

They Understand & Support  

Great leaders care about the wellbeing of their workforce. They understand that no matter where they fall on the totem pole everyone plays a key role in the success of the organization. Being understanding when employees have issues at home or sickness or death in their family is paramount to building trust and respect with your staff. Whenever necessary, try to work with staff members on a modified work schedule to accommodate the obstacles they are trying to overcome. Being compassionate will earn you respect and loyalty as a leader.

They Are Honest

Just as you expect your subordinates to be honest with you, you should be forthright in return. Solid leaders are virtuous. Will there be times when you can’t divulge information? Of course. But it’s imperative to be forthcoming and transparent whenever possible. Trust is earned and once it’s broken it’s even harder to earn back.

They Are Organized

Great leaders plan and stay organized. Part of planning ahead is preparing for possible outcomes of decisions so you can have alternative plans. You don’t have a crystal ball, but successful leaders plan and think things through before executing.

They Communicate

Communication is key to running a successful business and being an effective leader. Leaders should never leave things open to interpretation. Rumor mills can tear a business apart and decimate morale. Avoid this by making any changes within the organization clear and by having an open door policy. Your employees should feel comfortable to come to you with ideas or concerns. Effective communication builds trust and respect.

They Chip In

Never act too good to perform any job or task. Don’t ask others to do something you are not willing to do yourself. Digging in and helping out is what makes someone a leader. Bosses point and direct others. Leaders chip in and lead by example.

They Continue to Learn

Whether it’s going back to college to earn an additional degree or simply taking a free online course, continuing to learn is another trait of a good leader. It’s important to know about new methods, technologies and marketing trends. Additionally, make the rounds at the office and get to know those working for you and what they do. You’ll have a better appreciation for the tasks others complete and they’ll have better appreciation for working for someone like you.


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