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3 Security Management Careers That Pay Over $60,000 Annually

3 Security Management Careers That Pay Over $60,000 Annually

If you are looking at earning a Bachelor's Degree in Security Management or an equivalent degree, below are three different careers that pay over $60,000 annually. Security management degrees target employment opportunities in private or government security including security management, physical security, loss prevention, information security, homeland security, emergency management and crime prevention. 

Security Manager, $61,000

Security Manager (United States)

Security managers are employed in industries ranging from retail to computer technology. Most employers seeking to hire a Security manager require candidates to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Security Management or management. The responsibilities of a security manager typically are to streamline the security process for the company, regardless of the industry.

A security manager is also tasked with supervision of security staff plus creation and implementation of policies and procedures to safeguard assets, employees and guests.


Security Administrator I.T., $62,737

Security Administrator, IT (United States)

In the world we live today with data being consumed and transferred every second of the day, it is vital for companies to have a knowledgeable manager whom guides, directs and protects the systems and data of an enterprise.

Security administrators in information technology take measures and implement policies that help protect all digital assets that employees share across their networks or with the public.


District Loss Prevention Manager, $60,696

District Loss Prevention Manager (United States)

District loss prevention managers are in charge of implementing loss-prevention programs, reporting statistics and measuring a programs performance on a regular basis. They are also tasked with management of the team of associates responsible for various locations which includes training and tracking the performance of set strategies. 

Other tasks include the investigation of fraud, schedule saftey audits and oversee the operations of loss prevention policies.


The careers listed above all require at least a bachelor's degree in security management or equivalent. If you are interested in these careers, we suggest you get started with one of the following degrees: