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Lean Six Sigma

Undergraduate Certificate in Lean Six Sigma

Program Description

The Lean Six Sigma Certificate provides individuals the opportunity to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to manage business processes using a philosophy of continuous improvement. Learners are introduced to the major concepts that will contribute to their success in the areas of operations and supply chain management. Concepts covered within this certificate include: lean principles, value stream, process management and analysis, project administration and Six Sigma.

Admission Requirements

Anyone interested in completing the Certificate in Lean Six Sigma may complete a Southwestern College Professional Studies Application for Admission. The five courses comprising the Lean Six Sigma Certificate can be completed in eight months or less with no prerequisites.

Individuals completing the Lean Six Sigma Certificate at Southwestern College may apply these 15 credit hours earned toward a Bachelor of Science degree with our major in Operations Management or they can be applied as electives in other bachelor degrees offered by Southwestern College Professional Studies.

The Lean Six Sigma Certificate is offered both online and in the classroom. The five courses are delivered in six-week sessions to allow maximum flexibility for busy professionals.

Core Major Requirements

OMGT311: Six Sigma Green Belt 1

This course is the first of a two part series to prepare professionals to participate on teams that are designed to improve, redesign, and create efficient, customer‐focused business processes. It will provide an understanding of how Six Sigma integrates tools and best practices from various disciplines into a more powerful system of management. The teaming aspects critical to Six Sigma will be described.

OMGT312: Six Sigma Green Belt 2

This course is the second in a two‐part series and will emphasize the quantitative and problem‐solving techniques associated with Six Sigma. Statistical Process Control (SPC) and how it is used for monitoring, analyzing, and improving quality will be covered. In addition, analysis of histograms and machine/process capability will be studied. Proficiency with problem solving tools will be gained through practical application. Methods for achieving continuous improvement will be discussed. The Green Belt candidates must successfully complete a process/quality improvement project in the second of the two course series. Prerequisite: OMGT311.

OMGT310: Operations Management 1

This course provides an overview of the salient aspects of operations management related to process analysis, product and service delivery design, work measurement, reliability and quality. This course is the first course in a two part series. Discussion of the aspects of operations strategy, supply chain management, competitive advantage, and the management of operations in a global environment are included.

OMGT320: Managing Group Dynamics

Learners in this course will examine individual and group behavior within the context of the organizational design and culture. Learners gain theoretical and practical knowledge for understanding topics such as motivation, leadership, management decision‐making, group process, and conflict resolution.

OMGT415: Integrative Supply Chain Management

The focus of this course is on intricacies of supply chain management and disruptive factors that influence the supply chain. Topics include an analysis of current practices that reflect maximum supply chain reliability and sustain delivery integrity.