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Course Syllabi

Course Syllabi

A course syllabus will include everything you will need to get started. Syllabi provide all of the course basics (e.g., faculty contact information, course description and learning outcomes, reading requirements, textbook information, assignments/projects, grading/evaluation information). It’s easy to access, download and print off a course syllabus prior to the start of class each session.

We provide syllabi here as a courtesy to our learners. While every effort is made to ensure these are current, because we update courses and textbooks regularly, we cannot guarantee that the course you take will match the syllabus provided. Please double-check any textbooks listed in these syllabi with those listed in the online bookstore before making purchases. The online bookstore is the most accurate guide.

Undergraduate Courses


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
ACCT285: Principles of Accounting [online] [n/a]
ACCT305: Corporate Finance [online] [n/a]
ACCT320: Ethics for Accounting Professionals [online] [n/a]
ACCT325: Managerial Accounting [Syllabus pending. Please consult MBS for textbook info.] [n/a]
ACCT380: Intermediate Accounting 1 [online] [n/a]
ACCT381: Intermediate Accounting 2 [online] [n/a]
ACCT382: Federal Income Taxation-Personal [online] [n/a]
ACCT480: Financial Accounting 3 [online] [n/a]
ACCT482: Federal Income Taxation-Corporate [online] [n/a]
ACCT483: Cost Accounting [] [n/a]
ACCT484: Accounting Information Systems [online] [n/a]
ACCT490: Auditing Theory and Practice [online] [n/a}
ACCT493: Forensic Accounting [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
ARTS110: Theatre Appreciation [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
BQM 301: Business Quality Management [online] [n/a]
BQM 310: Team Management [online] [n/a]
BQM 320: Organizational Leadership [online] [n/a]
BQM 444: Project Management [online] [n/a]
BQM 450: Statistical Techniques [online] [n/a]


Courses Onlline Syllabi Ground Syllabi
BSAD195: Customer Service [online] [n/a]
BSAD205: Introduction to Business [online] [n/a]
BSAD210: Entrepreneurship [online] [n/a]
BSAD218: Business Math [online] [n/a]
BSAD310: Financial Accounting Systems [online] [n/a]
BSAD320: Managerial Economics [online] [n/a]
BSAD328: Organizational Behavior [online] [n/a]
BSAD340: Legal Environment of Business [online] [n/a]
BSAD394: Marketing [online] [n/a]
BSAD395: Corporate Finance [online] [n/a]
BSAD410: International Business [online] [n/a]
BSAD415: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution [online] [n/a]
BSAD420: Information Systems Analysis and Design [online] [n/a]
BSAD430: Financial Management [online] [n/a]
BSAD440: Strategic Management [online] [n/a]
BSAD490: Essential of Economics for Business [online] [n/a]
BSAD495: Essentials of Accounting and Finance for Business [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
CAPS495: Senior Capstone [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
CJUS300: Foundations of Criminal Justice [online] [ground]
CJUS315: Perspectives in Policing  [online] [ground]
CJUS325: Criminal Investigation Techniques [online] [n/a]
CJUS335: Correctional Theory and Practice [online] [n/a]
CJUS400: Criminology and Deviant Behavior [online] [n/a]
CJUS425: Criminal Law and Procedure [online] [n/a]
CJUS430: Criminal Justices Org: Admin & Mgmt [online] [ground]
CJUS440: Special Topics in Criminal Justice [online] [ground]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
COM 125: Speech [online] [ground]
COM 301: Professional Communications [online] [ground]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
CORE101: Developing Academic & Professional Strengths [online] [n/a]
CORE110: Information Literacy [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
COT 101: Intoduction to Computers [online] [ground]
COT 210: Microsoft PowerPoint [online] [n/a]
COT 220: Microsoft Access [online] [n/a]
COT 305: Advanced Microsoft Excel [online] [n/a]
COT 311: Advanced Microsoft Word [online] [n/a]
COT 325: Outlook Organizational Techniques [online] [ground]
COT 330: Microsoft Office Applications [Syllabus pending. Please consult MBS for textbook info.] [n/a]
COT 410: Local Networking Fundamentals [online] [n/a]
COT 411: Website Management [online] [n/a]
COT 415: Computer Systems Integration [online] [n/a]
COT 420: Enterprise Forensics [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
CPT 285: Introduction to Computer Programming [online] [n/a]
CPT 322: SQL Fundamentals [online] [n/a]
CPT 323: VBA, The Internet, and Microsoft Office [online] [n/a]
CPT 421: Java Programming Principles 1 [Summer 2 syllabus pending. Please consult MBS for textbook info.] [n/a]
CPT 422: Hypertext Markup Language Programming [online] [n/a]
CPT 423: Project Designing and Programming an App [online] [n/a]
CPT 431: Java Programming Principles 2 [online] [n/a]
CPT 432: Visual Basic.Net Programming Essntls 1 [online] [n/a]
CPT 433: Visual Basic.Net Programming Essntls 2 [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
ENGL101: Composition 1 [online] [n/a]
ENGL102: Composition 2 [online] [n/a]
ENGL202: Environmental Challenges in Lit and Film [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
HCA 280: The Healthcare Industry [online] [n/a]
HCA 305: Healthcare Law and Regulations [online] [n/a]
HCA 306: Accounting in Healthcare [online] [n/a]
HCA 315: Economics of Healthcare [online] [n/a]
HCA 325: Policy Issues in Healthcare [online] [n/a]
HCA 340: Managing Healthcare Human Resources [online] [n/a]
HCA 405: Healthcare Marketing and Development [online] [n/a]
HCA 410: Healthcare Information Systems [online] [n/a]
HCA 420: Management in Healthcare Services [online] [n/a]
HCA 430: Fiscal Management in Healthcare Services [online] [n/a]
HCA 438: Quality Management of Healthcare Services [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
HIS 120: World History [online] [n/a]
HIST332: Kansas History [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
HRD 310: Legal and Regulatory Environment of HR [online] [n/a]
HRD 321: Compensation and Benefits [online] [n/a]
HRD 323: Finance for Non Financial Managers [online] [n/a]
HRD 324: Performance Management [online] [n/a]
HRD 325: Developing Workforce Talent [online] [n/a]
HRD 330: Microsoft Office Applications [Syllabus pending. Please consult MBS for textbook info.] [n/a]
HRD 338: Human Resources Technology [online] [n/a]
HRD 345: Managing Human Resources [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
HUM 201: Ethics [online] [n/a]
HUM 202: Ethics in Today' Organization [online] [ground]
HUM 301: Critical Thinking [online] [ground]
HUM 499: Responsibility for the Future [online] [ground]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
ISM 200: Management of Information Systems [online] [n/a]
ISM 240: Introduction to Problem Solving [online] [n/a]
ISM 367: Business Intelligence and Analytics [online] [n/a]
ISM 400: Database Management Systems [online] [n/a]
ISM 401: Managing Innovation [online] [n/a]
ISM 431 Enterprise Security Syllabus [online] [n/a]
ISM 434: Decision Support Modeling [online] [n/a]
ISM 441: Principles of Incident Response [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
LAN 124: Elementary Spanish [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
MASC105: Intermediate Algebra [online] [n/a]
MASC110: Statistics and Probability [online] [n/a]
MASC115: College Algebra [online] [ground]
MASC150: Science of Our World [online] [n/a]
MASC 350: Human Nutrition [online] [n/a]
MASC 395 Pathophysiology [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
MIN 110: Introduction to Ministry [online] [n/a]
MIN 124: Introduction to Youth Ministry [online] [n/a]
MIN 224: Adolescent Spirituality [online] [n/a]
MIN 324: Teaching Methods in Youth Ministry [online] [n/a]
MIN 325: Public Speaking in Ministry [online] [n/a]
MIN 332: Caring in the Church Community [online] [n/a]
MIN 354: United Methodist History [online] [n/a]
MIN 420: The Church and Mission [online] [n/a]
MIN 424: Applications in Youth Ministry [online] [n/a]
MIN 425: Church Administration and Finances [online] [n/a]
MIN 454: Practicum in Ministry [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
NURS309: Nursing Theories and Prof Practice [online] [n/a]
NURS328: Quality Improvement Through IT [online] [n/a]
NURS329: Healthcare Systems & Policy [online] [n/a]
NURS330: Nursing Leadership and Management [online] [n/a]
NURS331: Evidence-Based Practice [online] [n/a]
NURS406: Care Coordination [online] [n/a]
NURS407: The Social and Moral Context of Health [online] [n/a]
NURS408: Community Based Public Health Nursing [online] [n/a]
NURS427: Trends and Issues Facing Healthcare [online] [n/a]
NURS435: Professional Nursing Practicum [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
OMGT305: Organizational Quality Management [online] [n/a]
OMGT310: Operations Management 1 [online] [n/a]
OMGT311: Six Sigma Green Belt 1 [online] [n/a]
OMGT312: Six Sigma Green Belt 2 [online] [n/a]
OMGT320: Managing Group Dynamics [online] [n/a]
OMGT410: Operations Management 2 [online] [n/a]
OMGT415: Integrative Supply Chain Management [online] [n/a]
OMGT422: Managerial Accounting [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
PESS205: Critical Issues in Health [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
PSY 110: General Psychology [online] [n/a]
PSY 252: Developmental Psychology [online] [n/a]
PSY 262: Social Psychology [online] [n/a]
PSY 332: Biological Foundations of Psychology [online] [n/a]
PSY 352: Cognition [online] [n/a]
PSY 362: Personality Theories [online] [n/a]
PSY 400: Psychology Research Methods [online] [n/a]
PSY 410: Emotion [online] [n/a]
PSY 420: Abnormal Psychology [online] [n/a]
PSY 430: History and Systems of Psychology [online] [n/a]
PSY 440: Psychological Assessment [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
SMGT311: Introduction to Security [online] [ground]
SMGT315: Physical Security [online] [ground]
SMGT320: Information Security [online] [n/a]
SMGT321: Homeland Security Fundamentals [online] [ground]
SMGT411: Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention [online] [n/a]
SMGT415: Legal Aspects of Security [online] [n/a]
SMGT420: Emergency Planning [online] [ground]
SMGT424: Terrorism - Motivations and Adversaries [online] [ground]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
SOC 131: Sociology [online] [n/a]
SSC 110: Principles of Microeconomics [online] [n/a]
SSC 111: Principles of Macroeconomics [online] [n/a]
SSC 133: Geography [online] [n/a]
SSC 201: Decision Sciences [online] [n/a]
SSC 326: Economic Theory [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
STL 185: Introduction to Leadership [online] [n/a]
STL 302: Self Awareness & Personality Traits [online] [n/a]
STL 307: Leadership Theories & Practical App [online] [n/a]
STL 410: Negotiation Skills [online] [n/a]
STL 420: Forecasting & Leading Change [online] [n/a]
STL 430: Multi-Cultural Perspectives & Global Tre [online] [n/a]
STL 435: Strategic Planning [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
THEO200: Bible Survey [online] [n/a]
THEO215: Understanding the Old Testament [online] [n/a]
THEO216: Understanding the New Testament [online] [n/a]
THEO225: Comparative Religion & Philosophy [online] [n/a]
THEO301: Systematic Theology 1 [online] [n/a]
THEO302: Systematic Theology 2 [online] [n/a]
THEO320: Philosophy of Religion [online] [n/a]
THEO333: The Church: Origins to the Middle Ages [online] [n/a]
THEO334: The Church: Renaissance to the Present [online] [n/a]
THEO340: Texts and Their Meaning [online] [n/a]
THEO401: Theological Systems and Issues [online] [n/a]
THEO415: Denominational Heritage & Structure [online] [n/a]
THEO510: Theological Research Methodology [online] [n/a]

Graduate Courses


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
CAPS600: Graduate Project [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
LEAD500: Ldrshp Style/Theo [online] [n/a]
LEAD510: Leadership in Context [online] [n/a]
LEAD515: Leadership Comm/Conflict Resolution [online] [n/a]
LEAD520: Leadership Coaching [online] [n/a]
LEAD560: Leading Change in Organizations [online] [n/a]
LEAD565: Knowledge Based Leadership [online] [n/a]
LEAD570: Ldrshp for Future [online] [n/a]
LEAD575: Organizational Structures and Behavior [online] [n/a]
LEAD580: Practical Problem Solving for Today Org [online] [n/a]
LEAD585: Leading Quality Improvement Initiatives [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
MACC511: Legal Aspects Financial & Commercial Tra [online] [n/a]
MACC518: Govt & Not-for-Profit Acctng Thry & Appl [online] [n/a]
MACC521: Ethics and Regulatory Compliance [online] [n/a]
MACC531: Federal Income Tax:Planning & Decsn Mkng [online] [n/a]
MACC541: Accounting Systems and Analysis [online] [n/a]
MACC551: Managing International Standards [online] [n/a]
MACC561: Auditing and Forensic Accounting [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
MBA 500: Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management [online] [n/a]
MBA 505: Business Law and Ethics [online] [n/a]
MBA 510: Business Research [online] [n/a]
MBA 512: Financial Mgmt, Analysis & Decision Making [online] [n/a]
MBA 514: Global Economics [online] [n/a]
MBA 530: Marketing Strategies [online] [n/a]
MBA 535: Knowledge-Based Decision Making [online] [n/a]
MBA 540: Global Operations [online] [n/a]
MBA 544: Organizational Dynamics [online] [n/a]
MBA 545: Technology and Innovation Management [online] [n/a]
MBA 549: Market Research [online] [n/a]
MBA 550: Strategic Financial Decision Making [online] [n/a]
MBA 551: Financial Markets and Investing [online] [n/a]
MBA 552: Portfolio Management [online] [n/a]
MBA 556: Digital Marketing [online] [n/a]
MBA 560:     
MBA 580: Globalization and Organization [online] [n/a]
MBA 585: Strategic Management [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
MGMT505: Project Management Fundamentals [online] [n/a]
MGMT510: Financial Accounting [online] [n/a]
MGMT515: Managerial Accounting [online] [n/a]
MGMT560: Ethics in Global Marketplace [online] [n/a]
MGMT565: Fin/cancial Analysis and Management 1 [online] [n/a]
MGMT575: Financial Analysis and Management 2 [online] [n/a]
MGMT580: Quality Mgmt & Statistical Analysis [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
MSA 500: Contemporary Security Administration [online] [n/a]
MSA 505: Security Admin Business Strategies [online] [n/a]
MSA 510: Enterprise Risk Management [online] [n/a]
MSA 515: Physical Security Planning & Vulnerabili [online] [n/a]
MSA 520: Administration of Information Security [online] [n/a]
MSA 560: Security Law [online] [n/a]
MSA 565: Organizational Security Investigations [online] [n/a]
MSA 570: Homeland Security Defense & Administrati [online] [n/a]
MSA 575: Best Practices & Special Issues in Homel [online] [n/a]
MSA 580: Terrorism:Perspectives & Consequence Mgt [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
RHC 575: Financial Decisions Changing Healthcare [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
SMIN501: Introduction to Ministry [online] [n/a]
SMIN503: Studies of the Old Testament [online] [n/a]
SMIN505: Studies of the New Testament [online] [n/a]
SMIN507: Theology [online] [n/a]
SMIN509: Survey of Church History [online] [n/a]
SMIN530: Theology of Youth Ministry [online] [n/a]
SMIN531: Ethical Issues in Youth Ministry [online] [n/a]
SMIN532: Faith & Formation in Developing Adults [online] [n/a]
SMIN533: Program Design & Dev in Local Church [online] [n/a]
SMIN596: Practicum in Specialized Ministries 1 [online] [n/a]
SMIN597: Practicum in Specialized Ministries 2 [online] [n/a]


Courses Online Syllabi Ground Syllabi
THEO510: Theological Research Methodology [online] [n/a]
THEO511: History of Christianity 1 [online] [n/a]
THEO512: History of Christianity 2 [online] [n/a]
THEO521: Systematic Theology 1 [online] [n/a]
THEO522: Systematic Theology 2 [online] [n/a]
THEO523: Systematic Theology 3 [online] [n/a]
THEO530: Spiritual Theology [online] [n/a]
THEO540: Philosophy of Religion [online] [n/a]
THEO545: Theological Ethics [online] [n/a]
THEO550: Science and Religion [online] [n/a]
THEO565: Studies in Theologians [online] [n/a]
THEO595: Thesis [online] [n/a]