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DAU: CON 244 (P) - Construction Contracting

DAU: CON 244 (P) - Construction Contracting

Course Overview

This course focuses on unique construction contracting issues, such as acquisition planning, contract performance management, funding, environmental concerns, construction contract language, construction contracting in the commercial setting, the Construction Wage Rate Requirements Statute, design/build, basic schedule delay analysis, constructive changes, acceleration, and construction contract quality management.


$1,600 per student

Note: Minimum of 15 students per class


  • CLC 056, Analyzing Contract Costs (Not required for those in the FE career field)
  • CON 127, Contract Management (Not required for those in the FE career field)
  • CON 216,Legal Considerations in Contracting

Course Objectives

1. Given a construction requirement to build a new facility, renovate an existing one, or maintain existing facilities, apply the Federal acquisition laws, regulations, Department of Defense supplementation, policies, procedures, and best business practices in soliciting and administering construction contracts.

  • Examine the legislative history of Government contracting laws, regulations and procedures as they relate to facilities construction, operations and maintenance.
  • Summarize the most recent changes of law, as well as proposed ongoing changes, that will effect construction contracting.

2. Given a contract requirement, contrast the regular support requirements with a Construction Acquisition Plan in accordance with FAR Parts 7 and 36, DFARS Parts 207 and 236 and agency policies and procedures.

  • Discuss the policies of the FAR in Construction Acquisition Planning.
  • Identify the appropriate construction acquisition plan type.
  • Determine the individuals that make up a construction acquisition team.
  • Demonstrate which contract type and contract process is best for the acquisition.
  • Compare the types of funding available for appropriateness and whether Government Furnished Property will be provided.
  • Examine the impact of environmental planning in construction projects.
  • Discuss the components of a Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M) Plan.

3. After receipt of a construction contracting request, develop a construction solicitation package in accordance with FAR, DFARS, and agency policy/procedures

  • Discuss purposes of reviewing construction contract packages.
  • Describe the contract format used in construction solicitations
  • Evaluate key information that must be included in all Construction Solicitations.
  • Distinguish the difference between UCF and CSI format solicitations.
  • Identify social programs that must be considered.
  • Determine if a Pre-Solicitation Notice is required.
  • Describe the purpose of holding a Pre-Bid or Proposal conference.

4. After receiving bids or proposals in response to a construction solicitation, evaluate the appropriate construction contract awardee.

  • Determine responsiveness of construction bids.
  • Analyze construction contract documents requiring evaluation.
  • Evaluate various bids, recommending award.
  • Determine sufficiency of bonds.

5. Given a construction contract, determine the applicable construction contract administration (compliance) approach, using FAR, DFARS, DOD regulation/guidelines, and best business practices.

  • Analyze the required contract administration compliance for the various applicable construction clauses.
  • Explain the Government responsibilities in construction quality assurance.
  • Explain the contractor responsibilities in construction quality assurance.
  • Discuss the essential elements of Quality Assurance and Three Phases of Quality Control.
  • Analyze the critical elements of a Quality Control Plan.
  • Identify the requirements and team members for a pre-construction conference.
  • Discuss applicable labor laws affecting construction contracting.
  • Generalize the requirements for formal partnering.

6. Given a changed condition on a construction contract, formulate the remedy and appropriate clause(s) for the situation in accordance with Federal and DoD acquisition laws, regulations, and best business practices.

  • Classify unique construction clauses used in changed conditions.
  • Examine the impacts of differing site conditions.
  • Investigate the necessary elements of constructive changes.
  • Given a construction project scenario and schedule analysis techniques, determine construction time, delay, and other equitable adjustments.
  • Estimate contract acceleration and expediting.
  • Discuss the overhead method that best protects the government while equitably compensating the construction contractor.
  • Recognize the rights and responsibilities of the government and the contractor in construction terminations.
  • Interpret the unique construction claim issues.
  • Analyze specific court cases that support various construction changed condition clauses.

7. Given a construction contractor’s invoice, document appropriate actions necessary to verify for construction progress payment or construction contract closeout.

  • Analyze the process for reviewing a construction schedule of prices and invoice processing.
  • Determine causes for construction, retainage, withholding, and assessment of liquidated damages.
  • Illustrate procedures for subcontractor notice of nonpayment and overpayment of the prime contractor.
  • Determine the amount of the progress payment due a contractor, the steps in processing the invoice, and identify any special costs.
  • Recognize the necessity of construction punch lists, beneficial occupancy, warranty, and turnover.
  • Identify the unique procedures for construction contract closeout and contractor evaluation.

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