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Top Reasons Why HR Professionals Should Get Their PHR®/SPHR® Certification

Top Reasons Why HR Professionals Should Get Their PHR®/SPHR® Certification

Do you dread reading “PHR®/SPHR® required” on jobs you are pursuing because you lack the credentials? It is human nature to ask ourselves if we really need a certification because of the commitment and investment of our time and money.  The Professional Human Resources (PHR®) Certification and the Senior Professional Human Resource (SPHR®) Certification have been the proven standard for setting yourself apart from other professionals in the industry. We’ve compiled top reasons why as a Human Resource professional you should pursue attainment of your PHR® / SPHR® certification.

Certification Shows Level of Proficiency

The PHR®/SPHR® exams are centered around the “Body of Knowledge,” which focuses on the responsibilities and expertise of today’s HR professionals. Areas of focus are workforce planning and development, risk management, business management and strategy, human resource development, employee and labor relations and compensation and benefits. Having a certification shows your level of proficiency in the field.

PHR®/SPHR® Certified Professionals Earn More

According to, HR professionals in senior roles earn significantly more than someone that is not certified. The return on your investment for a preparatory course will pay for itself multiple times over.  

Distinguish Yourself from the Pack

In addition to higher pay, your PHR®/SPHR® credentials move you to the top of the list of potential candidates to be looked at for a promotion or new position. Certified HR professionals are highly valued by leaders and viewed as being more self-motivated.   

Perform Better on the Job

According to a study done in 2014 by the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO), those who are PHR®/SPHR® certified are more likely than uncertified professionals to exhibit better job performance, offer greater HR skill and show greater promise for future positions in the field.

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