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Spotlight Student

Spotlight Student

SVA Spotlight

Name: Tacarra Brown

Branch of Service: Air Force

Degree: Human Resource Development

Graduation Date: May 10, 2015





What is one of the biggest struggles with being a student and an Airman?

The biggest struggle with being a student and an Airman is making sure that you meet the mission of the military as well as accomplish something for yourself and your future.

What do you most look forward to upon retirement from the military?

The one thing that I look forward to the most is finally being able to use the skills that I have learned while in school.  I am happy that I currently work in a position where I am able to build upon the strengths of my Human Resources Development degree.  Once I retire, I will not only have skills to expound upon but some experience as well.

What are your fears, if any, upon joining the civilian workforce?

I do not have any fears about joining the civilian work force.  I have worked in both sectors and I pretty much feel comfortable in both realms.

What tips would you tell someone who was thinking about furthering their education?

When you do it, first take the time to figure out what you really want to do with your life.  The saddest thing is to see someone dedicate time and money to an education and never use it.  If time is an issue, at least get started a little at a time rather than waiting until the last minute and life passes you by.  If you are in a position where you know that you won't use your degree until later in life, make the preparations now and try to find out where you can intern for now just to gain the experience until you are ready.

What is an advantage and disadvantage in getting on online education?

The advantage of getting an online degree would be that you can take your time and do it bit by bit while still feeling like you have a life. Online classes came in handy when my children had after school activities and I knew that I couldn't make it to class.  The disadvantages for me were that I enjoy talking to people in person and having the face to face interaction especially if I had any questions regarding the material.  Being in a classroom setting was also a good place to network with other people and work on group projects rather than being in other time zones.