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KNOXX™ Partnership to Bring SC Students Innovative Career Networking Opportunities

KNOXX™ Partnership to Bring SC Students Innovative Career Networking Opportunities

WICHITA, Kansas, October 20, 2014 – Southwestern College is proud to announce a partnership with KNOXX™, an innovative career networking platform created by Wichita-based firm Insights Career Consulting.  

As the only college partner of KNOXX™, Southwestern College will be able to offer its students and alumni access to the career networking platform free of charge.

“I was very impressed with how forward thinking Southwestern was in exploring new and effective ways to showcase their students and alumni to prospective employers,” said Mike Mathia, founder of Insights Career Consulting. “The commitment from Southwestern to blend technology into their educational programs well before we discovered each other speaks very highly of their likelihood for future success and stability. As a result, students and alumni should be very proud to be associated with such an institution!  Southwestern and KNOXX™ are both industry innovators and our missions are very similar – assist students in finding opportunity.”

Students taking advantage of KNOXX™ will have the opportunity to be seen and heard with integrated video technology that will allow them to introduce themselves on a more personal level to potential employers. Those videos can be created and posted with the assistance of staff members at the Professional Studies building.

An “About Me” section on the site will offer students the opportunity to showcase their personalities and interests with prospective employers and the “My Links” section allows students to provide more extensive information about their credentials. The site will allow potential employees to narrow down their search by the size of business they are hoping to work for. It also offers three security features, making it easier to search for jobs discreetly.

“Employers are truly excited about the opportunity to visit a career networking site where they will be provided with detailed and valuable information regarding available candidates in the market and now through this partnership, Southwestern will separate itself from competing institutions that continue to rely only on traditional means of assisting students with their post-education careers,” Mathia said.

The KNOXX™  Web site went live in September and is actively being used by employers and those seeking employment.

Southwestern College students can learn more at or contact