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How to Sell your Books Back Through MBSdirect Bookstore

How to Sell your Books Back Through MBSdirect Bookstore

Wichita, Kansas – Are you interested in selling your books back to us? We’ve created a comprehensive set of instructions for you to do just that!

Visit Your Online Bookstore at

Click the “Sell My Books” tab and log in with your username and password. A list of your recently purchased textbooks will appear, displaying which of your books have buyback value (including those titles eligible for Guaranteed Buyback), as well as how much you can expect to earn from each. Select the titles you wish to sell and include any additional books by entering the corresponding ISBN.

View Customer Loyalty

If you have previously purchased your books from the Online Bookstore, those books will be listed, along with their buyback value. A Customer Loyalty Bonus on qualifying books will also be included, along with the corresponding buyback price.

Are You A New Customer? Please Register

If you are a new customer of MBS, you must create a username and password. To sell back your books, you must first enter each corresponding ISBN. Click “Continue” to proceed. You will be asked to create an account before continuing. When creating a new account, be sure to write down your password for future reference to take advantage of our Customer Loyalty and Guaranteed Buyback programs. Double check to make sure all the information you entered is correct.

Confirm Mailing Address OR PayPal™ Account

Once your buyback cart has been created, confirm your mailing address and agree to the Terms and Conditions. In addition, we can credit your PayPal account with the buyback amount. If you choose PayPal, please make sure you accurately enter the email linked to your PayPal account.

Finalize Your Quote

Select “Finalize My Buyback Quote” to complete your quote. A quote is not finalized until it includes a quote number and expiration date. Your finalized quote is available by clicking the button on the confirmation page.

Print Your Quote

Print your final quote. Please include your quote with the books you plan to sell back. It is advised to keep a copy for your records.

Print Your Pre-Paid Shipping Label

After you finalize your quote, we will email you a UPS pre-paid shipping label. Be sure to place this on the package you are sending to MBS for free shipping.

Ship Items To MBS

Be sure to secure all textbooks, course materials, and copies of your buyback quote in the package you are sending to MBS. All too often, we won’t be able to purchase textbooks back because the parcel will get damaged in transit. These types of damage can be attributed to poor packing.

Wait for Your Money

After your books have been processed, you will receive another email confirming their value. A check will be sent to your mailing address or we will credit your PayPal account. Please allow approximately 2 to 4 weeks for the entire process to occur.

*Please Note:

You will not receive payment for books that do not meet our minimum standards of quality. To view our acceptable book conditions, please visit

Have Questions?

Call 1.800.325.3252 or email to speak with a customer service representative.